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United by Diversity With President Trumps recent efforts at building up the southern American border wall with Mexico, the national spotlight has shifted back onto the problem child of immigration reform. And as anaturalized citizen, native Nicaraguan, and immigration attorney here in Charlotte, my life andprofession fall under that spotlight, but outside the box of the normal Hispanic perspective. Like somany children in American history, I am an island spice brought back by an American adventurer whodiscovered and married a native flower from some other part of the world.

Though bilingual and bi-cultural, I’ve always considered myself 100% American, though I still eat tortillas everyday instead ofsliced bread, like my husband and children. As a nation of immigrants, a self-described melting-pot ofethnicities, I have long believed the Latin phrase inscribed on our currency, pluribus unum,” to be true,that out of the many come one.

Indeed, it is fairly easy to trace the influx of immigration wavesthroughout this country’s history, from Western Europe initially, Eastern Europe & Asia in the 19 thcenturies, and Central & South America in the 20 th , each bringing a fresh supply of creativity, vigor, anddistinction, like a garden with a variety of both native and exotic plants.

Moreover, these immigrants arenot just the “poor, tired, huddle masses” as the Statue of Liberty welcomes, the left overs from anothernation’s people, these immigrants are the “pioneers,” the entrepreneurs willing to leave home, familyand all that is familiar and risk a long ocean voyage or a desert crossing without food or water or thesecurity of knowing where they will land.

These waves of immigrants, the current Hispanic one included,have breathed new life generation after generation into the indomitable spirit of the American pioneer,not just cut lawns or washed dishes (which almost all did at one point in their indentured servant life).So I’m pro-immigration because I’m pro-America, and it would seem natural that I would not supportthe President’s action of building a wall of separation. But here is where I fall outside the box of mybrown brethren. I am both pro-immigration and pro-nation of laws. You cannot suspend the onewithout the other, for in fact what draws most immigrants to our southern border is a nation protectedby laws.

So many fleeing Central America especially are fleeing the lawless abuses of gangs & corruptgovernments, seeking a new life in a nation where peace & prosperity are afforded because crime &lawlessness are not permitted. And so I do not support ignoring the immigrants who walk through thefront door of our national house without knocking and asking to be permitted inside, to suspend thevery laws they hope will protect them one day in this nation.

Client Reviews
“Ruth has helped my entire family with everything from attaining residency in North Carolina to reaching a settlement when my daughter was in a car accident. It's nice to have someone from the Hispanic community on your side.” Tony
"The staff here are wonderful! I didn't know what was going to happen when I got pulled over for going over 100MPH, but Ruth and the whole team at El Centro were there for me every step of the way. Would definitely recommend!" Dave
"I can't thank Ruth enough for getting me a Stay of Removal so I could be with my family during the immigration process. Her team are all from Latin America and understand how difficult this process can be. After looking for an immigration lawyer in Charlotte I'm glad I found her!" Teresa