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The El Centro Hispano Foundation seeks to boldly lead the way for the establishment of holistic outreach by bringing both businesses and churches together in order to serve the tremendous physical and spiritual needs that exist within the Hispanic Community in the Carolinas.

Our Mission

To meet holistic needs through authentic and compassionate ministry that brings justice, unity and transformation to the Hispanic Community in the Carolinas.

Our Method

Bringing Justice through Immigration Seminars, Subsidized Legal Assistance, Deportation Defense, Domestic Violence Defense and Counseling, Child Support Litigation, and Advocacy.

Bringing Unity through Community Events, Family and Parenting Seminars, and Marital and Family Counseling.

Bringing Transformation through Citizenship Preparation Classes, English as a Second Language Classes, Financial Planning Workshops, Personal Development, Business Entrepreneurship, and Biblical Discipleship.

Our Current Programs and Services Subsidized Legal Services

El Centro Hispano Foundation helps subsidize legal services for persons who have a need for legal services but cannot afford regular attorney fees. Each individual need is evaluated separately to determine the specific need for legal services and economic support. El Centro Hispano Foundation works with local attorneys and churches to minister to the individual’s or family’s legal and spiritual needs. Please call for an appointment to discuss your need.

Financial Assistance

El Centro Hispano works with local churches and businesses to provide financial assistance to needy individuals and families. Please call for an appointment to discuss your need.

Citizenship Exam Preparation Classes

For Permanent Residents who want to become thoroughly prepared for the US Citizenship Exam. The Citizenship Exam Preparation Classes focus specifically on what one needs to know in order to pass. The classes are taught by an Immigration Specialist with over 15 years experience successfully preparing Permanent Residents to pass the exam. Classes are taught in small groups for optimum learning. Each participant receives an individual mock interview with the instructor in order to be completely prepared for the exam! Cost is only $10 per class (plus materials). Space is limited! Please call for current class schedule or request custom classes at your church or business.

Immigration & Legal Defense Seminars

For immigrants who want to know more about their rights in the United States. These informative seminars discuss the current immigration climate, provide thorough education on current laws and regulations that concern immigrants, and empower you with the knowledge of how to legally protect yourself in the United States. Each seminar is led by a Hispanic attorney along with other legal professionals. The cost is only $20 per participant. Please call to schedule a seminar at your church or business.

Personal Development Classes

For anyone who wants to achieve more out of life. These classes focus on providing you with the tools and formulas needed to reach your greatest potential personally or professionally. Topics include: The 4 Keys to Success, How to Get More Done in a Day, How to Find Your Purpose in Life, How to Effectively Communicate with Others, and How to Achieve Your Potential. Classes are taught by a Personal Development Specialist who focuses on giving you the tools for success. The cost is only $15 and includes materials. Space is limited! Please call for current class schedule or request custom classes for your small group (church, business, or family).

Business & Financial Growth Classes

For anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom. These classes will empower you to make more money without costing you more time. You will learn how to maximize your productivity to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available to anyone with a desire for success. Learn to properly manage money, maximize your talent, become an effective leader, and expand your business or start your own. Classes are taught by Business Management Specialist who focuses on empowering you to greatness. The cost is only $15 and includes materials. Space is limited! Please call for current class schedule or request custom classes for your small group (church, business, or family).

One on One Coaching

For anyone who wants to speak privately about a need related to legal, citizenship, immigration, personal growth and development, effective communication, starting a new business, business development, personal or business finances, or another area of interest. The cost is dependent upon the need. Please call to discuss pricing and schedule.

Supporting the Cause

The El Centro Hispano Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. If you are interested in making a donation that will help change lives in a very tangible fashion, please call Executive Director Brenton T. Weathers at (704) 537-1400.

El Centro Foundation–Holistically Transforming Lives!

Client Reviews
“Ruth has helped my entire family with everything from attaining residency in North Carolina to reaching a settlement when my daughter was in a car accident. It's nice to have someone from the Hispanic community on your side.” Tony
"The staff here are wonderful! I didn't know what was going to happen when I got pulled over for going over 100MPH, but Ruth and the whole team at El Centro were there for me every step of the way. Would definitely recommend!" Dave
"I can't thank Ruth enough for getting me a Stay of Removal so I could be with my family during the immigration process. Her team are all from Latin America and understand how difficult this process can be. After looking for an immigration lawyer in Charlotte I'm glad I found her!" Teresa