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By Autumn Byas, Gorman Law Firm Paralegal Intern            

            Divorcing a spouse is one of the most stressful and tragic things that can happen to a family.  Whether it is only affecting the couple who once was in love, or a couple who has a child(ren), a divorce is an extremely stressful situation for anyone in the family to be in.  If you are seeking information about divorcing a spouse in North Carolina it is a good idea to start educating yourself on the laws surrounding divorce in our state.  They can be found here:  Chapter 50 of the North Carolina General Statutes outlines the laws surrounding a divorce proceeding, and also about custody and alimony matters.  The Chapter has 100 sections and is filled with a lot of information; therefore, it is wise to seek out help from an attorney who is experienced in divorce law.  Gorman Law Firm is experienced in handling these sensitive issues.

            Why do people get divorced?  There are numerous reasons as to why.   A blog posted by  Divorce Source News & Information entitled “Problems that can wreck a marriage” goes into some of these reasons. (Divorce Source Editorial Staff. “Problems that can wreck a marriage.” Web blog post. Divorce Source news and information. Divorce Source, Inc., 2 May. 2014. Web. 4 Mar. 2015.)  Marriage infidelity is one major cause of a broken marriage. Infidelity is defined as “1) Lack of belief in a religion 2) A: unfaithfulness to a moral obligation: disloyalty B: Marital unfaithfulness or an instance of it.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. March 2015).  A collaborative divorce coach, psychotherapist, author and parent, Micki McWade stated “marital infidelity is a symptom of underlying issues in the relationship.” Read the entire article at the following website:  (Divorce Source Editorial Staff. “Problems that can wreck a marriage.” Web blog post. Divorce Source news and information. Divorce Source, Inc., 2 May. 2014. Web. 4 Mar. 2015.)

E-Verify in the Carolinas

E-Verify is gaining the support of an unsuspected group: employers. Well, at least with South Carolina employers.

“E-verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States by comparing an employee’s Social Security number and other information against millions of government records. The program generally provides results in three to five seconds.” Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

E-Verify está ganando apoyo por parte de un grupo inesperado: el de los empleadores. Al menos, cuando se trata de empleadores en Carolina del Sur.

“E-verify es un sistema en línea que permite a empresas o negocios determinar la elegibilidad de sus empleados para trabajar en los Estados Unidos, comparando el número de Seguro Social y otros datos del empleado contra millones de registros gubernamentales. Este programa generalmente ofrece resultados entre tres y cinco segundos.”

Entre los estados con leyes propias para hacer cumplir el sistema federal de E-verify, los negocios en Carolina del Sur parecen estar respetando la ley y estar cumpliendo con los requerimientos en un 90 por ciento de los casos.  “En el 2011, la Asamblea General de Carolina del Sur aprobó el llamado “Illegal Aliens and Private Employment Act”, el cual requiere que todas las empresas y negocios usen el sistema federal E-Verify para verificar los nombres y números de seguro social de trabajadores recién contratados. La ley sólo exonera a los trabajadores agrícolas, de trabajo doméstico, y pescadores; su incumplimiento puede resultar en la suspensión de la licencia que le permite al empleador operar.

Con frecuencia, el costo de contratar a un abogado para resolver asuntos de familia hace que las personas desistan del procurar una ayuda legal, formal.  Gordan Gibb, quien escribe para, comparte sus puntos de vista y experiencia en cuanto al por qué es tan importante no caer en la trampa de “lo más barato” y, por el contrario, invertir en contratar a un abogado de calidad que se encargue de su caso.

Un Buen Abogado de Leyes de Familia no tiene Precio

Julio 27, 2008, 11:45:00AM. Por Gordon Gibb

Across the nation, grandparents are playing an increasingly important role in the lives of their grandchildren. According to the U.S. Census, in the United States, more than 2.6 million children live in homes where the grandparents are the head of the household and responsible for their grandchildren. (AARP “GrandFacts”)

In North Carolina, over 90,000 children live in such homes. (AARP “GrandFacts”)

Despite the high number of grandparents raising grandchildren in our state, grandparents have limited rights under North Carolina Law to seek custody or visitation of their grandchildren under North Carolina laws.

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With the recent Federal Government shutdown, there are a lot of questions as to how the agencies and services we rely on in the area of family law will be impacted. Fortunately, many family law related agencies and services are run and funded by the state and thus may experience a lesser impact than federal agencies. Here’s how the Federal Government shutdown is ( or is not) impacting family law related services as of Wednesday, October 2nd,2013:

Immediate Local impact:  

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