Immigration and Pre Electoral Debate

It’s been a hot debate, previous to the 2020 elections in the US, intense and the fundamental points have been: immigration, arms control, and climate change, although it been this tough-minded event the immigration issue has been touched thanks to God, In EL CENTRO HISPANO we let you know how this affects you as an immigrant.

The political debate last Thursday of September 12, has been for the administration an obvious success for Trump, since as Quixote de la Mancha said: “Bark Sancho … sign that we are moving forward”.

All Television channels and the web have recorded how they have attacked the Trump administration with low kicks, a clear sign that Democratic positions are being intimidated by very possible re-election of Donal Trump in the next 2020 elections.

It is crucial to discuss that after the debate last night it has become clear the fact that Texas continues as Republican like always and this is a good background, since the Republican political position has had power for many, years and worked for the construction of a complete generation of Republican politicians and leaders, the enormous majority of the current government, and have never had to fight for non-Republican votes after the primaries.

For migrant citizens of the US, also these persons who have a situation of illegality it is essential to know that they have rights but they have the need to be represented by an immigration lawyer, at EL CENTRO HISPANO, we have the best. Call us to: 704-351-1705.

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