Horror and Fury 18 Years Later

Touching words President Trump declared during his speech at the Pentagon in commemoration of the attacks of September 11of 2011 and pointed directly at the Taliban in Afghanistan, all these two days after he canceled his commitments to talk with them, due to one fatal new attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The president himself, who said during his cheered speech today: “September 11 is recorded in our souls”, and that is the 18th anniversary of at least 3,000 people who lost their lives after one of the most terrible attacks and treacherous in the history of the Human been, it is a pain of all Americans.

Donald Trump has spoken: “… every American who saw that attack on September 11 has a pain in his soul,” he has also referred to this as one day: “full of shock, horror, sadness and fair fury. ”

Remember that a plane crashed between floors 93 and 98 of the Worl Trade Center Tower, and thousands of people were trapped in the dust that shook New York.

Even almost two decades after the bloody attack, images are still leaked that horrify their own and strangers, as it was an unprecedented attack in the history of the great power of the North, and the measures taken immediately against Iraq and Afghanistan still shake today in the American heart.

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