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Under North Carolina law, traffic tickets may be issued for a broad spectrum of offenses. These violations range from speeding and driving without a seat belt to more serious offenses such as DUI/DWI and reckless driving. These offenses can lead to lasting damage to your driving record, loss of driving privileges, and extremely high insurance rates.  

A moving violation can be charged as an infraction or a misdemeanor criminal charge. It can be tempting to plead guilty to a simple traffic ticket, assuming that you will pay the court fee and move on. However, pleading guilty to a traffic violation may cost you far more than hiring an attorney. After you plead guilty to a moving violation, you will pay the court fee, pay an increased insurance rate for approximately 3 years, and you will accumulate points on your DMV record. If you reach 12 points within a 3 years period, your license may be revoked, leading to more fees and hassle to reinstate it.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are equipped to help.  An attorney can help you avoid unnecessary consequences and may be able to help get your ticket reduced or dismissed.


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