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Divorce: National Trends and Helpful Tips


Divorce is often an emotionally ridden, but sometimes necessary step for a couple. There are many decisions to be contemplated and steps to take in order to get through a divorce as efficiently and pain free as possible. Jeff Landers, a Contributing Writer for Forbes Magazine recently reported on Avvo.com’s ( a legal marketplace)  survey of almost 900 of its users- people seeking legal advice and information as well as more than 400 family law attorneys in order to determine the top concerns and trends  of those seeking a divorce.

Top Concerns and Trends   

Avvo found that cost was the top concern for those seeking divorce when children would not be involved, while custody was the top concern for divorces where children were involved.  It’s no surprise that cost is a concern as according to Avvo, the average divorce cost in the United States has reached over $15,000. CONTACT GORMAN LAW FIRM’S FAMILY LAW TEAM FOR COST EFFICIENT DIVORCE SERVICES.

As to how people are going about finding divorce attorneys, Avvo’s study showed that 43% surveyed found their divorce attorney through family or friend recommendations, while a growing number -35% are finding them via online search. In fact, 40% more people found their divorce attorney online in the past year than those divorced more than a year ago. 72% of those who found their divorce attorney online were women who considered themselves “online shoppers.”  VISIT GORMAN LAW FIRM’S FAMILY LAW PAGE TO SEE THE VARIETY OF LEGAL SERVICES PROVIDED INCLUDING DIVORCE AND CHILD CUSTODY.

Helpful Hints

Landers of Forbes and Cathy Meyer, a contributor for divorcesupport.about.com, share some helpful hints for those seeking divorce, some of the highlights of their advice include:

-          Landers writes that “ as soon as you have an inkling that divorce might be in your future,” start putting aside money to hire a divorce attorney.  GORMAN LAW FIRM OFFERS COST EFFECTIVE DIVORCE SERVICES.

-          Additionally, Landers also laments on the importance of building up your credit in preparation for the divorce process. He says “Making sure you have good credit established in your own name is another critical step…It can be difficult to obtain credit cards as a newly single women with no recent work history.”

-          Both Landers and Meyer advise that you find an attorney. GORMAN LAW FIRM OFFERS COST EFFECTIVE DIVORCE SERVICES.

-          Once these initial steps are taken care of, Meyers goes on to advise that you gather documentation that will be needed during the divorce process. Generally, this includes all types of identifying information of the spouses as well as financial documents. Click here for the full list.  Provide these documents to your attorney and discuss the different options regarding the direction you would like to take your case. GORMAN LAW FIRM OFFERS COST EFFECTIVE DIVORCE SERVICES.


If you are currently facing a family law related issue, even if you are not sure if it is listed above, contact Gorman Law Firm, PLLC. Our office can be reached by phone at 800-583-6602 or by completing our online contact form. Our office is open normal business hours during the week, but we provide office hours on Saturday and are available around the clock through our website. We accept all major credit cards as payment and offer services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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